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i scream, you scream, we all scream for...

ice cream or milkshakes?

Love this dress but the crazy busy pattern all over it along with the colours, makes it seem a bit clownish/young to me. I'll be taking it back for a refund as it was quite expensive and I prefer another one with swallows and hearts on instead!
Finally going through all my magazines and pulling out pages to sell in clipping packages.
This one is Grease 2 themed! I'm hoping a fan from Grease 2.net will buy it.
went on a film industry course, the further reading list comprised of half my bookcase!


fashion is so uniform

black skinny jeans and black flat shoes worn by three girls on the tube - yawn.

snerk, perfect icon! ILU Two-Bit!
Mariana's dear cocker spaniel, Dunga passed away this morning at the age of 11 in her dad's arms. Very sad as I remember their family getting him as a puppy and spending a lot of time with him when we were in high school.
I took this photo last summer.


so weird handling other currency, they never seem real, more like play money! Off to change these back to British Sterling Pounds.
travelling to the airport to leave Norway.


we stayed in the white boathouses, absolutely gorgeous and stunning inside!

I can hear the bells

stunning church in an amazing location!